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Goodby “classical lecturing”; now it’s time to play, reflect and communicate.

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Dilek Polat Sesli
Accredited John Adair Action Centred
Experiental Training Facilitator

…here are some personal and professional milestones… born in 1970 as the youngest, my family always gave me the feeling, “yes you are welcome to this world and to this family” and this is why they named me Dilek, Turkish meaning of “Wish”.


Looking back I am thankful that my parents and 3 brothers supported me to become an independent, global minded, proactive, curious, respectful and conscious human being. I appreciate the chance to be born and live until the age of 21 in Pfalzgrafenweiler, a little village in Black Forest, Germany. Growing up in Germany,  I can say that I am quite precise, punctual, and a hard worker and being originally from Turkey, I am proud to say that I am flexible, resilient and always open to new challenges.


Since 1997 I have been working in Self Awareness & Personal Development and Corporate Learning & Development area.


I started my professional career as a trainer in 1997 at Arthur Andersen as an assistant in the Training Consulting Department, following 2 years at Ernst & Young as a senior consultant, trainer and facilitator. In 2002 I joined dsm group as a training manager assigned  for managing dsm training, which was involving marketing & sales, designing and operating experiential training programs.

Short term self development and competency trainings as well as special train-the-trainer program were a constant reality throughout my professional career. Beside these, I was privileged to attend long-term programs such as, a 2 year Psychodrama Workshop special study group at the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute, 1 year Human Resources certification program at the Yildiz Technical University, 1 year certification program called Humanistic Counselling at the Gestalt Centre in London and since 2013 I am an accredited John Adair Action Centred Leadership Team Level trainer and got certified as a Youth Mindfulness Trainer in 2016.


Experiential learning and organising events are my passion. So, I established Green Experience Training Services in 2016. The following year,  I co-founded Refresh Yourself with close friends of mine and in 2019 I got entitled to operate and manage the platform Refresh Yourself by myself.

I am trilingual  (German, Turkish and English)  married to Alper and a proud mother of 2 boys, Pamir and Doruk and I love my hometown London.



As Green Experience we focus on supporting teams, creating and maintaining mutual better understanding between individuals.


All workshops are run with an experiential learning methodology and they are either 1/2 day, 1 or 2 day programs with a minimum of 8 up to 20 participants.


Please get in touch for tailor-made workshops. We would be very happy to meet up and run a free expectation & needs assesment and design YOUR experiential learning program.


Interactive “vision, mission & goal” focused activity which is an opportunity to see if all team members have the same or maybe different view about their corporate being. Who are we? What are our values and goals? What are our strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / threats.


Team forming, storming, norming and performing based activities. During this workshop we use Tuckman’s team process as a base and make sure that each team member understands what their role is within the team


During this workshop, participants will get to learn the John Adair Action Centred Leadership Model - the 3 interacting circles TASK - TEAM - INDIVIDUAL